Everyone has bad habits. However, while some have significant consequences, some don’t. But, when a bad habit is associated with your vehicle, repercussions are a given. Many poor practices often result in auto glass damage.

Read on to learn how a few bad habits can result in auto glass issues and why you must avoid them.

Parking a Car Outside

Do you feel like parking your car in the garage is time-consuming? Most people tend to park their vehicles outside to avoid the hassle of getting them inside the garage or a safe indoor space. They assume that a bit of sunshine won’t hurt the car.

However, when a car stands unprotected under the sun for more extended periods, it can experience significant car glass damage. Temperature shifts throughout the day impact the car’s auto glass, weakening its structural integrity, and resulting in leakages, cracks, and fissures.

Therefore, it’s best to park a car in a safe space like a garage or a shady area to safeguard the auto glass and prevent the car’s paint from fading.

Ignoring Small Damages

Many car owners and drivers often neglect minor damages like cracks and chipped windshields instead of taking immediate action to resolve the issue. They assume that these damages won’t impact the car or its passengers because they’re barely visible.

On the contrary,  minor auto glass issues such as small cracks, fissures, dents, or gaps can endanger the whole windshield’s safety, making it prone to more significant consequences such as shattering and weakening.

The best way to avoid all this is by seeking immediate auto glass replacement services from a professional company with experience.

Cleaning the Car Inappropriately

Despite an increased emphasis on cleaning a car and its windshield, there’s significantly less information about what to use when cleaning a car. As a result, most people like soap, rag, and water to wash a car’s glass. Unfortunately, these cleaning products significantly affect a good glass’s quality, ultimately removing their UV coating. Your car’s auto glass eventually no longer protects you and your vehicle from environmental damage and UR rays.

Inadequate cleaning practices weaken the car’s windshield, increase UV rays’ exposure, and reduce structural integrity.

While taking the utmost care of your car is essential while protecting its glass, you can always rely on us at Tomball Auto Glass for affordable auto glass replacement services. We’re a family-owned business specializing in auto glass repairs and replacement and window tinting for Texas residents. Schedule an appointment with us today!