If you’re like most car drivers in Texas, you must be asking questions about why your windshield continues to crack and how you can deal with it. Your car’s auto glass is one of its most significant components.

Here are the three most frequently asked questions about auto glass answered.

Does My Windshield Really Protect Me?

Absolutely. A car’s windshield is one of its most significant components in ensuring the passengers’ and vehicle’s safety. According to leading global auto manufacturers, a car’s windshield offers 60% of its roof’s protection in case of a sudden roll-over accident.

Furthermore, a windshield has strong auto glass to support the passenger-side airbags in a car. As a result, it helps ensure one’s safety during a front-end collision. Without a windshield, you’re at an increased risk of being crushed or ejected during an auto accident.

It’s safe to say that your life depends on your car’s windshield while driving.

How Long Does Auto Glass Replacement Take?

Auto glass replacement is a complex and precise procedure. Therefore, its duration significantly depends on your car’s design, model, and why you require an auto glass replacement. According to auto glass experts, a regular replacement job can take as long as three hours.

However, if all you need is a simple auto glass replacement, you can expect the auto glass company to take at least an hour or an hour and a half for proper auto glass installation. Remember that if an installation expert chooses a complete cutout technique for your car, it may take a little longer than three hours.

Nevertheless, high-quality work is always worth the time.

Should I Expect a Warranty of Auto Glass Replacement and Repairs?

Yes, auto glass repairs and replacements are significant and high-risk investments. Therefore, you must always expect to receive a written warranty from your auto glass company, covering workmanship issues such as water leaks and potential faults in manufacturing materials.

Most qualified auto glass companies offer a warranty against any faults, defects, or issues as long as a person owns a vehicle. All you need to do is reach out to the installer after the replacement or repairs so that they can take care of the problem promptly. It’s always better to seek more information about their warranty for your safety and peace of mind.

At Tomball Auto Glass, we offer a warranty on all our services, including our affordable auto glass replacement services and window tinting in Tomball, Texas. We’re an experienced auto glass company in Texas, providing high-quality auto glass replacement services to keep you and your car safe and well-protected. Call us to learn more today!