Some car owners may not have the privilege to own a designated parking lot for their vehicle, and as a result, are forced to park outside. Unfortunately, keeping your car out for prolonged periods of time exposes it to the elements, causing significant wear and tear.

This includes damage to your car’s auto glass. However, making a few conscious decisions and minor adjustments may help keep your ride safe from environmental risks. If you’re parking outside this summer, these tips may help you avoid auto glass breakage and damage:

Avoid Parking In Direct Sunlight:

When you can, choose shaded or partially shaded areas to park your car. Keeping your windshield out from direct sunlight prevents it from heating up and getting damaged.

Moreover, continuous sunlight can cause minor chips or cracks that can later widen and spread. To avoid a total windshield replacement, choose areas that will be in the shade for longer.

Find Carports:

An openly parked vehicle is at a higher risk of damage than one that is not. Auto glass can be damaged by harsh weather conditions or even by accidents such as a stray ball. These incidents can create cracks and chips in the glass.

Parking in a carport may give you protection from the elements, keeping your vehicle safe from extensive damage.

Avoid Parking Under Trees:

It may be tempting to park under a tree if there’s no other source of shade nearby, but doing so exposes your auto glass to all sorts of risks. There’s always the chance that a tree branch will fall off on your car, causing a large crack.

Moreover, trees are extra risky during storms since they can be uprooted or lose branches. If the tree is a large one, you may be in for severe damage to your ride. And if anyone is sitting inside the vehicle during this time, they can get injured too.

Trees are also the place birds make their nests or come to rest. As a result, parking under a tree may leave your car exposed to bird droppings, which are acidic and are harmful to the car’s exterior. Therefore, if you must park outside, choose an open space away from overhanging awnings and trees.

Control The Temperature:

When you sit in a car parked outside in the cold, you may be tempted to turn on the heat as soon as you enter. However, this can cause the auto glass to contract just like water does when it becomes ice.

Turning the heat on immediately will create a sudden temperature increase, which may cause cracks or chips to form in the glass. Instead, wait a few minutes for the car to warm up before turning the defroster on a medium-low setting.

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